Step-by-Step Parenting Program

The Step-by-Step Child-Care© manual has been developed to assist parent educators in assessing and teaching child-care skills to parents and other child-care providers who have low reading skills, and possibly other problems such as cognitive limitations. The Step-by-Step Child-Care© manual covers parenting skills related to: newborn care, feeding, nutrition, diapering, bathing, crib and sleep safety, home safety and first aid, parent-child interactions, positive child behavior management, and several other skills related to child health, safety, and development. The Step-by-Step Child-Care© manual includes step-by-step checklists for over 60 specific skills and corresponding picture books for over 25 of these skills. Purchase of the manual includes permission from the authors to reproduce the materials as needed for child-care skills assessment and training purposes. The Step-by-Step Child-Care© materials can be used as self-instructional aides or as part of a comprehensive parent education program. The Step-by-Step Child-Care© materials have been developed over a 15 year period and have been extensively reviewed and revised with the input of pediatric health-care practitioners and the consumers, themselves. Several field studies, published in peer-reviewed professional journals and books, attest to the effectiveness of the Step-by-Step Child-Care© method and materials in teaching child-care skills to parents with cognitive and reading deficiencies.

To obtain more information about, or to order the Step-by-Step Child-Care© manual, please contact Dr. Maurice Feldman preferably by email at: